Eastern flowers

Purple elixir can be classified as an oriental flower. The oriental term is used to indicate very enveloping and luxuriant olfactory notes. The structures of these fragrances are very sensual and characterized by vanilla, woody, chypre notes. We can remember Jicky by Guerlain, as the ancestor of the oriental amber family, created in 1889. An interesting thing about him, is that he was the first one, with the Houbigant house with Fouger Royal, to incorporate a synthetic raw material in a composition. By doing so, he enlarged in an extraordinary way the odor palette available to our beloved creators: the noses.
Purple Elixir

In nature

Nature offers countless raw materials to the Eastern olfactory family. Woods, leaves, berries but also resins, which is why extraction methods vary according to the origin, and in some cases these are chemically reproduced, as for gray amber, for example.

MY Purple Elixir

The name of this perfume, Purple elixir, perfectly expresses the feeling you get when wearing it. It seems like spraying what in my imagination feels like a magic potion. Jasmine, Anise, Heliotropium, Ambergris, combined with artistic skill make up a bewitching fragrance. They are enveloping, sensual and create a magical aura around who wears them. Purple Elixir is a perfume that leaves no doubt about the personality of the wearer,no matter if you are feeling like a fairy or a witch, you will be capable of exceptional things.