The unmistakable summer smell

In perfumery, gourmand notes refer to all those that evoke a food or drink scent, with the exception of fruit, such as those that have always been used, like vanilla, cocoa, honey, or coffee, licorice, rum. Gourmand raw materials, both natural and synthetic, offer an unlimited range of shades. The term gourmand entered the descriptive language of perfumes with the Angel fragrance by Thierry Mugler in 1992, one of the first to combine oriental notes with chocolate, caramel and honey. Their purpose is to evoke pleasant sensations related to memory, and to rejuvenate some very classic olfactory structures.

My Cocovanilla

My Cocovanilla combines the pleasure and safety induced by the gourmand notes of coconut, vanilla and caramel, stimulating images of tropical beaches, with sensations of physical and spiritual well-being, thanks to the tropical fruits on the top, the tiare flower in the heart and notes of vanilla on the bottom. All for a fragrance that will leave you only thinking about how to enjoy the scents that create it.