Unleash your creative inspiration, let yourself be carried away in the new sharing experience.

Whether your best means of expression is the ink of a pen or if you know how to portray the essence of things with the use of a camera, this is the place to be! It's wonderful to share experiences and sensations, find out how you can do it by telling a story of love and revolution, my story. I know you are not doing this to gain something, but I thought about how to thank you, and I want to do it my way. Scented gifts, respectful of nature and sample kits designed for your tastes and accessories that tell the world who you are.

How does it work

One , two, three... go!


Become part of my world

Fill in the short questionnaire below to help me understand who you are and what you love to do. After sending it, you will receive a confirmation email and my editorial staff will get in touch to start the collaboration!


Give your contribution

It's now up to you! produce your creative content, let yourself be inspired and be yourself. I'm looking for someone like you! Send the materials to our editorial staff for review and wait to see your content being published.


Receive rewards for your support

My editorial team and I will take care of your material! After reviewing and approving it, you will receive your beautiful gift, don't forget to share the experience with your friends to let them know about this wonderful world!

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