Fizzy Cologne Spray

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A water scented with flowers, like a fresh juice of pure buds. I recommend Fizzy scented water if you are looking for spring notes drive the rebirth of nature, or spring during the colder seasons. It is a floral bouquet made of white flowers with a strong character due to the presence of jasmine and ylang ylang, and other more "familiar" ones such as geranium and lily of the valley which give it a more reassuring accent. Its olfactory aspects make it a truly versatile colony spray: choose who you want to be, choose the note of Fizzy that best reflects today's YOU, this will become a fundamental part of your outfit.


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I wear Fizzy perfumed water as a perfume for everyday use and thanks to its highly light composition I spray it on the body, clothes and I also use it as perfumed water for the hair. I wrap myself in a fragrant, reassuring and mesmerising cloud that accompanies me all day. I sprinkle a few drops of Musk perfumed oil on the warmest points of my body when I want to make its floral note more persistent and predominant, or i pair it with the Vanilla perfumed water which gives me a sweet and poetic cuddle.

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Top notes
  • Bergamotto siciliano Sicilian Bergamot

  • Coriandolo Coriander

Heart notes
  • Mughetto Lily of the Valley

  • Gelsomino Jasmine

  • Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang

Base notes
  • Vaniglia Vanilla

  • Musk Musk

  • Benzoino Benzoin

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