The benefits of aloe vera, one of nature’s miracles!

History of aloe

Aloe vera: benefits and properties, from aloe vera gel to juice

Aloe vera for burns

Aloe vera cream

Aloe vera is one of the most used plants for curative and beneficial purposes, and phytotherapy has enhanced its benefits for centuries, which have also had wide success all over the world.

Summer is near and the demand for products containing aloe vera, both juice or gel, such as creams, drinks, skin and hair care products, is increasing. This trend highlights the growing interest in responsible products, organic face and body creams with low environmental impact.

Knowing that product searches containing aloe have grown by + 20% in 2019 compared to the previous year shows on one hand the unchanged properties of the plant, and on the other the awareness and care of our beloved planet.

History of aloe

It is an ancient plant, which first appeared back in 2000 BC in the area of ​​Mesopotamia, (Iraq).

Since then, aloe has made a long journey to distant worlds, living through all historical periods and has come down to us as a gift, a secret of beauty and health jealousy preserved through ages. During this journey, anyone who came in contact with it appreciated its qualities, contributing through experimentation which we can enjoy today!

The Egyptians were the first to discover its healing power (it was used for embalming!) And this is why it is called ""plant of immortality"". The scriptures speak of a sacred plant because it is used for the burial of Jesus.

Romans, Chinese, South Americans, Indians all knew this plant and its properties and chose to use it depending on their needs. Everyone, however, considered it a sacred plant, not because it was directly connected to the gods, but because its benefits were considered to be miraculous back then!

Many of these populations made it a community secret: the Indians handed down the secret for looking younger, while in Latin America, where the sun burns skin for several hours, that of healing.

It is because of its healing and soothing properties, that aloe vera was officially recognized as a natural remedy against burns, but only in 1980.

Aloe vera: benefits and properties, from aloe vera gel to juice

So what are the benefits of aloe vera? And what are its properties on our body and organism?

What makes this plant extraordinary is its versatility,referring to the multiple purposes for which it can be used.

Its gel is obtained from the fleshy aloe leaf which can be used pure or worked to obtain aloe vera juice. This latest version seems to be a real cure for the gastric system: in fact, it has antibacterial, laxative and purifying properties and can be used as a natural gastroprotector.

On the other hand, aloe vera gel has an external use, that actually made it famous!

  • Moisturizer: aloe vera contains trace elements and a large amount of vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B2, B3 and Vitamin B12, rare in nature); you can use aloe vera gel to make the skin smoother, softer and more elastic.
  • Emollient: it helps our skin with burns, dermatitis, shaving and restoring itsPH. It also repairs the structure of the nails and hair.
  • Antioxidant and anti-aging: helps to fight the much hated free radicals that are a symptoms of aging.
  • Anti pollution: aloe gel creates a thin protective film on our skin protecting it from atmospheric agents and pollution.

All the properties of the aloe vera listed above show that the elixir of beauty, youth and health is not referred only to our skin but to the whole body, and not only for the female gender, but for men and women of all ages: it is a universal product that has united people for centuries, without distinctions.

So skin, nails, hair, intestines, but also eyes and beard, can benefit from the application of the ""sacred plant"".

Aloe vera for burns

Summer is coming, and I'm sure that you already know which sunscreen is most suitable for your skin (otherwise, follow me because I'll talk about it in the next articles!), But unfortunately sometimes anyone can lose track of time and sun bath for too long. Tan is wonderful, but unfortunately our skin is always affected, especially if it is sensitive.

But don't worry! Nature comes to the rescue, even here, and aloe vera is a fantastic remedy. Therefore I recommend, especially in this period, to use daily products containing aloe vera for the care of your whole body. These have both refreshing and invigorating properties, but make sure they have natural origin just like my Biola Aloe vera & Bamboo line.

In fact, a gentle aloe gel shower gel can be used before sun exposure to get the skin ready. By creating a hydrolipidic barrier that keeps the skin hydrated without shielding it from the sun's rays, so you will still have to apply protection!

Whether your skin gets red or not, it needs gentle nutrition and being refreshed after a day at the beach. This is why you should use an aloe bath foam and immediately afterwards an invigorating body cream with aloe vera extract. However, if your skin has been damaged by the sun, you can directly apply the gel on the affected area.

Aloe vera cream

Despite being an excellent after-sun, aloe vera cream is much else! If used daily it fights skin aging and helps to avoid feeling ""pulling skin"". You could perhaps choose a more fluid aloe vera body lotion, if you feel like the body lotions during the summer are too heavy, this has the same active ingredients.

A fantastic plant, with a pleasant smell! Perfumes and body sprays often combine the beneficial power with the pleasure of a pleasant smell, if your skin needs a boost of freshness and if you need to regain strength during the day, you can use an energizing body spray. I have one with me at all times, because my skin could require an extra treatment in any moment, which is why I use Aloe vera & Bamboo body cologne spray!!

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