Green Tea Cologne Spray

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Freshness often comes with lightness. I wanted to create an even more sparkling scented water, to be worn every day all day and to be vaporized in abundance without feeling heavy. Green Tea scented water is a green scent. Its citrusy and slightly sour aspect bring back the color of its Calabrian bergamot intensified by the juicy Sicilian lemon. I came up with its floral bouquet to make these notes more persistent, therefore lavender, iris, jasmine accompany citrus fruits but freesia remains the leading ingredient giving the perfume the classic notes of tea.

It is a cologne perfume suitable for all those looking for summer and looking for a sparkling splash of youth, regardless of their age.


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This cologne spray is my magic filter for summer time, its freshness is energizing and this is why I combine it with the Green Tea body lotion, to double its sprint effect! But I also like playing with fragrances and trying new, unexpected, combinations between different olfactory notes. So when the floral bouquet of jasmine and iris meets the sweeter one Fizzy, perfumed water is released enhancing its greener sides.

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Top notes
  • Bergamotto siciliano Sicilian Bergamot

  • Limone Lemon

  • Melone Melon

  • Noce moscata Nutmeg

  • Lavanda Lavender

Heart notes
  • Gelsomino Jasmine

  • Rosa Rose

  • Viola Violet

  • Freesia Freesia

Base notes
  • Iris Iris

  • Tè verde Green Tea

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