White Musk Parfumed deodorant

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You can find this product also as:Eau de Toilette
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The White Musk deodorant has a new formulation and a delicate scent that allows me to use it in combination with other fragrances, without altering them. You will immediately fall in love with it, and the addition of antibacterial active ingredients allows my White Musk deodorant to counteract the development of microorganisms that cause bad smells, leaving us fresh and free to deal with our day. The persistent fragrances of these products often do not allow us to combine a fragrance and, by doing so, we often get really unexpected results, but with the musk line we will wrap ourselves in a cloud of perfume which perfectly combines without the unpleasant doubt of having to find the perfect match.

How important is it to feel comfortable on all occasions? These wonderful products are now part of our body's daily routine and are obviously necessary. Therefore the fresh, clean and iconic fragrance of this deodorant connects to my whole Musk line and is suitable for everyone. The only downside? You will have to squabble with him or her for the last spray!

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