White Musk Hand and body moisturizer

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You can find this product also as:Eau de Toilette
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White Musk body cream is the perfect lotion to use after a bath or a shower. Imagine giving yourself a sweetly perfumed pampering after a long day or a tiring training session, this lotion is perfect for achieving that purpose and will give you a hydrated, healthy, elastic and young skin. I use the White Musk cream on a daily basis to keep my skin hydrated and to enjoy the fragrance that enhances my feminine, delicate and romantic part. The white flowers and the rose that make up the heart of the fragrance highlight my personality without being intrusive. I also apply the eau de toilette over the lotion for a more persistent result, or, more simply, I spray the scented water all over my body for a full and enveloping result.

White Musk has, like the whole line, a fresh, clean fragrance, a musk sweetened by a heart of flowers. Its perfume is associated with modernity, with a dynamic personality, always keeping up with news and trends. Use it with the shower gel of the same line for an intense result and a pleasant permanence over time.

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