Vanilla Bubbling bath and shower gel

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You can find this product also as:Eau de Toilette
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I love the feeling of being wrapped by the relaxing and reassuring smell of vanilla, and I love when this same scent is released from my whole body. So I thought about Vanilla shower gel for my beauty ritual, a path of psychophysical well-being that encourages me by taking me back to my childhood memories, while I cleanse my skin in a gentle way without dehydrating it. So I turned my bathroom into a time machine! The delicate foam that will be released in contact with hot water will prepare your skin for the cuddles you have in store for her!

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The delicate formula transforms this shower gel into a daily partner for your skin, to use over and over, and she will be constantly asking you for it! And to make it even happier, it gives an extra revitalizing touch through the Vanilla body lotion.

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