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Rich, moisturizing, invigorating, scented, what more could you want from your body cream? You would like it to have a Musk scent, of course! This is exactly why I created a Musk body and hand cream, studying a wonderfully rich and easy to absorb texture for a multisensory experience that links the our nose’s joy in meeting the unmistakable smell of Musk with that of our hands in energetically massaging this lotion all over the body.

I studied different formats and among these its more generous version for those who, just like me, like to use it every day. This is why I also added a version which includes a dispenser for those who are always in a hurry but cannot say no to a few minutes of relaxation.


But beautiful things are meant to be shared! This cream is dedicated to all types of skin, therefore ideal for families, couples or whatever your idea of ​​sharing may be! It was also created to be married to Musk bubble bath to get the skin ready for it but also to intensify its fragrance and persistence.

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