Musk Eau de Toilette

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Musk has a very ancient history that has gone through the perfume tradition for centuries. Its notes, which used to be particularly sharp and animal then became a symbol of clean and pure sensuality, have always stood by me. The Musk eau de toilette version has a more pungent and overpowering tone, to be used as an everyday perfume with an almost cypre tone. I also use the cologne spray version as a perfume for clothes because I love the feeling of cleanliness that makes it suitable for any occasion.

Have you ever had someone say "you smell of something nice "? Musk fascinates for its simple but cryptic nature: it looks like a simple, almost childlike perfume, but its evolution reveals an emotional and sentimental character.

Musk is also known for its persistence, which also remains important in this version and transforms this perfume into my companion for adventures, in endless days of work or travel.


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But did I mention that Musk by Alyssa Ashley has always been a unisex fragrance? I designed this fragrance for anyone who follows the ideals of love and freedom that are contained in every single drop of my perfume. Musk is also the scent of sharing, so don't be surprised if your partner steals a few sprays!

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Top notes
  • Bergamotto Siciliano Sicilian Bergamot

Heart notes
  • Assoluto di Iris Absolute of iris

  • Fave di Tonka Tonka beans

  • Musk Musk

  • Vaniglia Vanilla

Base notes
  • Assoluta di Rosa Rose absolute

  • Assoluto di Gelsomino Jasmin absolute

  • Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang

  • Geranio Geranium

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