Summer 2021 perfumes: which notes to choose

I have often emphasized the emotional and beneficial value of the fragrances and their ability to make us dream, remember, love. Their soothing and calming power, their ability to align body and mind.

Yes, it's all possible, just choose the right notes at the right time to find out that the right keys open all locks.

Even summer, therefore, is one of those moments in which it is necessary to identify the notes suitable for our nose and senses, those that perfectly match our personality and stimulate new emotions.

But how do you choose the summer perfume for summer 2021? You could follow the classic identical seasonal advertisements, or you could follow my advice to find YOUR perfume for the summer, not just any!

Summer perfumes and moods

And here it is, finally, summer! Magical moment, dreamed with large anticipation as a period of light-heartedness, relaxation, holidays, sea and tranquility. Summer is extraordinary because it recalls our childhood, the end of school, first loves, and perfume has the ability to stimulate episodic memory, which is the autobiographical memory that rules at single instants or moments. Thanks to episodic memory, a perfume can recall a holiday, a moment spent at the sea, or vice versa the smell of the sea itself or of a flowery meadow can make you remember a perfume that belonged to our past. All this creates a circle in which memory leads to perfume, perfume to emotion and then goes back (imprinting it) to memory.

Summer, a season full of fragrances kindly provided by nature, is a special season, but this 2021 summer will be even more special.

We are facing a difficult period and each one of us has chosen to deal with it in his own way, but we did it! With a decrease of sociality, human relationship and contact we have also re-evaluated our senses by involuntarily trying to focus on more "intimate" ones such as taste and smell with respect of touch and sight. The perfumes, and I am not only referring to the bottled products but also to the natural ones released by plants, for example, have been appreciated and by nostalgics and fans.

It is a perennial prerogative of perfume and can be seen as one of its superpowers. Even during summer season, therefore, we choose scents that are in line with our personality but, since each one of us is a universe of emotions and facets, let us also remember that the perfume can help us refine some sides of our multifaceted personality.

  • Reassuring scent: Don't worry, everyone happens to have a moment of weakness and with the need for certainties and reassurance. Fortunately we can find help in our powerful senses. In this case it is the flowers, especially the white ones, that provide pleasure. Flowers like jasmine invade cities (especially now that the air seems to have become more cleaner) and countrysides, with Mediterranean flowers recalling the smell of our coasts. So choose a floral fragrance, with a note of jasmine maybe, to feel at home; I would recommend my Purple Elixir, with can also be found in fragrance mist version to wrap your whole body!
  • Comforting scent:If what you need is to calm your soul rather than regaining self confidence, then choose warm notes, even these enveloping ones. The scents classified as "sweet" drive our memory to childhood, to the candy in our mother’s or grandmother’s house, turning us into carefree and cheerful children again. You can also choose floral notes, which are not as fresh but come with the comforting accord par excellence: vanilla! You need a vanilla perfume in your perfume locker (or wardrobe, it depends). I like those fragrances in which vanilla is the undisputed protagonist, just like My Vanilla.
  • Invigorating and energizing perfume: Yes, summer is wonderful, but the heat probably makes you feel a little debilitated at times. What you need is a revitalizing and energizing fragrance. It has been known for centuries that the aggregate note can transmit energy, so this is what you need to make your perfume work as a vitality supplement for skin and mind, choose a note of lemon or the fabulous Calabrian bergamot! I propose my happiness elixir, Green Tea, where just name recalls freshness!

The most suitable notes for summer: from fresh to flowery scents

In the last article I recommended the most suitable perfume format for your summer which is usually the travel one, the travel size helps you through your holidays or trips out of town because, as you may know, summer involves movement!

As for summer notes, always choose cheerful, lively and colorful notes, perhaps fruity and sweet ones.

If you prefer vitality, as suggested above, you can focus on marine notes and fresh, salty and herbaceous aromas. These notes are suitable for both males and females and are perfect for your summer days, especially in the morning or afternoon. You can also choose them for the evening, perhaps moving towards greener and persistent but always current notes, like Patchouli.

Flowery notes are also suitable for summer although they have always been a symbol of spring and rebirth of nature, which is why I recommend jasmine, tiare, vanilla and the timeless musk for summer.

Where to vaporize the summer perfume

Now that you know which notes to choose, which perfumes and which formats to bring with you on vacation, I want to reveal some tricks on the application of perfume. Heat does not help, as sweat tends to cover the scent in some cases, which is less persistent. Spray the product all over the body and choose cologne spray, or concentrate on the wrists, behind the lobes and even on the back of your knees. If, on the other hand, you are unable to wear perfume on your skin during summer, choose a specific perfume for your hair or clothes. Fabrics retain scents for a long time, then steam them on the collars and edges of the skirts.

A persistent summer perfume: the timeless Musk

Many, however, choose to focus on the notes, but want a "faithful" perfume that guides them throughout the day. If you are among these people, I recommend the eau de parfume formulations (don't you know the difference between eau de parfume and eau de toilette? Find out now!) In which the concentration of essential oils is higher, or choose notoriously persistent notes, such as musk or Amber. You can choose the first ones for your summer days and amber to cover you with sensuality in the evening.

I have revealed all the secrets to choose your perfume for summer 2021, and you have many options to choose from! There is no right or wrong choice, but remember that the main objective here, is to wear the notes that make you feel good!

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