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We had a chat with Consuelo Perris, the person in charge for the Alyssa Ashley brand. There is some important news coming soon, let's find out:

A - Hello Consuelo, it is great to see you. We are curious about finding out what is new at Alyssa Ashley’s, but first, please, tell us something about you: how long and in which ways have you been in charge of this brand?

C - My first encounter with Alyssa Ashley, and with Musk in particular, happened in 1981, when I was 11, that is when my father, Michele Perris, imported it to Italy from the United States. It was love at first sight, or at first sniff to be more precise. I immediately fell in love with its subtle and irresistible sensuality, in addition to feeling the closeness with the brand itself, as I had always been known as the rebel in the family. I have ever since been addicted to the oil, so much so that the closest people to me tend to think that I am around when they can smell some Musk in the air.

When I joined the family company, I initially started taking care of the commercial side of the brand, later of the strategic one, until I became the person in charge. When the company’s internal structure was revised, my father sub-divided the responsibilities among his children who were part of the business according to our predispositions and personal affinity. It was natural for Alyssa to be assigned to me: we share the same way of thinking, of believing and encouraging diversity; the same passion for art and the quality of products; and the same ideals such as expressing who we really are. In addition to, clearly, having a strong personality.

A - Is this why Musk was the starting point for your newest products?

C - Not really, also because the olfactory result of the new products is completely different than the original Musk. The choice was made based on the fact that Musk is a noble raw material in perfumery, and by juxtaposing it with other raw materials it smoothes out and exalts some sides of them, giving us interesting and elegant results. Let us say that these new products can be considered as a homage to musk and to its triumphant place in the history of perfumery.

A - We know we cannot anticipate too much but… can you give us a hint? What is coming next?

C - Our company and the Alyssa Ashley brand are perfumery experts. Our job, along with the Noses we work with, it to find interesting and innovative accords for our consumers. We believe perfume is a powerful communicative tool, we communicate so much about ourselves based on what we wear, how we move and even how we smell. So what is coming next are three accords with a common base, but with a very different olfactory result, which, when worn, will help us communicate something about ourselves.

A - What are these fragrances like? Who are they thought for, who/what inspired you to make them?

C - These fragrances were created and were inspired by raw materials we found interesting and which stimulated our imagination.

Who are they thought for? Anyone.

Perfume has never discriminated based on someone’s gender, personality or character. Its interpretations are often labels given to it by marketing. Therefore they are dedicated to anyone who will love them. As I said we are a perfume manufacturer born into a landmark French brand of perfumery, Houbigant, which always practiced perfumery as a true art. When we think of a perfume, we think of a high quality formulation. They are thought for those who will love them. It is like asking who is a good wine thought for. It is for those who like it. If I must say what they aspire to do, I would like Alyssa Ashley perfumes to have the strength to inspire those people who have not yet discovered the importance of perfume in their lives. And if we do want to use the example of the wine again, the best wine is the one which can be sipped and appreciated even by those who do not drink.

A - One more thing before we end our interview, when will we be able to smell these new products?

They will be launched on the 15th October, and it would be an honour to receive feedback from anyone who would like to share their thoughts on our new creations with Alyssa.

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Thank you Consuelo! You have left us really curious, we cannot wait to try them and let you know what we think about them!

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