Hair mist, how to use it for a 360° effect

If you are also looking for a 360°method of perfuming yourself, with a product that also leaves a good scent on your hair, let's have a look at what the perfume for hair, or hair mist is, and how to achieve the best possible effect with it.

Hair can sometimes smell bad

Just like the skin, even the hair, especially during summer, requires the use of specific treatments to keep bad odors away.
Smog and pollution, as well as sweating, sebum excess, smoke, or even worse, food smells (but also the use of hair straightener) can make hair smell bad.

This happens because hair keeps our heads warm, by increasing proliferation of bacteria and yeasts. Not only that, it also perfectly retains any odor you come into contact with.

You went yesterday to the hairdresser, and the styling is still almost perfect, despite the evening spent eating pizza with friends and all the weekend's adventures

This means saying goodbye (early) to the styling. It would probably be better to use some shampoo. Or you could use some wonderful hair mist! What is it? It is the definitive solution in situations like the one I have just described, and many others! Hair perfume.

Hair mist: a beauty must have

Perfume for hair, he says, compared to perfume that is applied on skin such as eau de parfum or eau de toilette, has a slightly different composition and use. It contains less alcohol, because this would dry out the hair shaft, and the formulation is lighter, with more volatile and dry components, To avoid moistening the hair and ruining the crease.

Another feature of hair mist is the nourishing function for the skin, which manages to protect it from external agents such as smog and pollution.

How to use hair mist

I immediately notice how small the packaging is, perfect to be carried around.

Can I put it in the bag and use it as many times as I want or are there some limits? There are no contraindications to frequent use or perfuming hair several times a day. I love to exaggerate in these situations!

But if you want the fragrance to last as long as possible, don’t stop, you need to vaporize the lengths above all. Another thing you could do is spray the perfume on the brush before running it through your hair.

It is perfect to use after shampoo and regular treatments such as masks, conditioner or foams. And he suggests to spray the perfume only after having properly dried the hair.

The benefits of hair mist

Since I have started perfuming them, my hair has become much more silky and shiny, as well as wonderfully scented at all times during the day.
Even after cooking I can happily face any business or recreational appointment.

If you also spend a good part of the day away from home, including lunch and sometimes dinner, you will be happy to know that your fear of smelling will disappear.

And what about the good feedback from your friends? You will be surprised by the result. They wouldn’t stop askingme for information. Needless to say, most of them bought their hair mix within a week, perhaps even less.

The price is always quite accessible and the desire to have a different perfume for each occasion has now taken over.

I got so involved with the whole thing, that I even tried to create homemade hair perfumes using natural ingredients, and mixing different essences together.

Hair mist, for me, has become an essential accessory.

And what about you, have you ever used it? Let me know what you think!

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